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Acupressure Massage Therapy specializes in alternative treatments for BODY, MIND & SPIRIT with a focus on pure healing and a holistic approach.

Acupressure is a Chinese massage technique which uses moderate to firm pressure on various points on meridians that course throughout the body. Releasing blockages on the points opens the meridians and allows energy to flow, bringing the body into balance and harmony.

The Full Energy Session aims to address your issues from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes simultaneously. Its main purpose is to bring all of these areas into balance & harmony. An intensive 3-4 hour treatment which combines Spiritual Counseling, Energy Balancing and a Relaxation Massage. This treatment can benefit you for weeks, and sometimes months, after the initial session.

Highly recommended during major life changes, chronic pain, stress or general confusion. Becoming aware of the true cause of your pain may just be the key to your healing, development and Transformation. *See the Testimonials page to read about clients' experiences.

Please be aware that no professional medical care is offered in the studio and any advice, suggestion or treatment is taken at your own risk. We recommend consulting the proper medical professional as needed.

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Location & Information
Sarphatipark 32hs, (RED door)
De Pijp, 1072 PB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 778 1732
Email: info@acupressure.nl
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